Finished project assignments disapearring

I have finished quite a few (New) Responsive Web Design projects. When I go back to the list of projects, some show up unfinished after they previously showed all assignments finished. If I open the assignment dropdown, I see random assignments (like 12 in this picture) show that they have not been done. They have. What I have been doing is redoing all the assignments that pop up undone so that the project will be finished again. But the next time I go to the project page, a different project will have gone from 100% to 95%. I’m sick of redoing finished assignments. I’m not sure what’s going on. I’m on Firefox and Windows 11. Thanks!

hi there,

you should be aware that the status of these steps does not affect your ability to get a certificate in any way.

The reason these random unfinished steps may be coming up is because occasionally the curriculum is adjusted and new steps are added. (For eg. it was found that step 12 was causing a lot of confusion in the cat photo app so an attempt was made to split the instructions up into 2 steps, thus a new step was added)

I hope this information helps.

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Thank you, I won’t worry about it. :grinning:

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