Web Design Challenges

The challenges seem to basically accept any submission. Is this a new problem?

Hey @kbventures!

Can you please give more details, what you are expecting from freeCodeCamp Curriculum?

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Hello there,

This is not a problem, nor is it new. This is the expected behaviour for some of the project submissions.

A camper is supposed to make use of the given Test Suite to test their work, before submitting, and they are expected to submit a passing project, as outlined in the Academic Honesty Pledge in the settings: Settings | freeCodeCamp.org

Before you can claim a verified certification, you must accept our Academic Honesty Pledge, which reads:

“I understand that plagiarism means copying someone else’s work and presenting the work as if it were my own, without clearly attributing the original author.”

“I understand that plagiarism is an act of intellectual dishonesty, and that people usually get kicked out of university or fired from their jobs if they get caught plagiarizing”.

“Aside from using open source libraries such as jQuery and Bootstrap, and short snippets of code which are clearly attributed to their original author, 100% of the code in my projects was written by me, or along with another person going through the freeCodeCamp curriculum with whom I was pair programming in real time.”

“I pledge that I did not plagiarize any of my freeCodeCamp.org work. I understand that freeCodeCamp.org’s team will audit my projects to confirm this.”

In the situations where we discover instances of unambiguous plagiarism, we will replace the person in question’s certification with a message that “Upon review, this account has been flagged for academic dishonesty.”

As an academic institution that grants achievement-based certifications, we take academic honesty very seriously. If you have any questions about this policy, or suspect that someone has violated it, you can email team@freecodecamp.org and we will investigate.

I hope this clarifies

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I am looking at obtaining the web certification. I was expecting test would confirm I can move on to the next project.

you are given a test suite to use, the testing doesn’t happen when you submit the link

I followed the instructions and used the id’s when required. Indeed the testing doesn’t happen unlike some other projects. Is this normal? If so, which projects have no automated test suite?

to test your project you need to follow this:

I’ve added the script to my html page. What’s the next step?

“Once you’re done, submit the URL to your working project with all its tests passing.”


use the “run the tests” button in the hamburger menu after selecting the project you are working on from the dropdown menu

I’ve added the script to my project:

There is no hamburger menu appearing locally or on my netlify deployed version.

add the script before the closing body tag