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hello everybody,
When I submitted my code, this plateform didn’t give any sign telling me if my code is correct on not. Do I get the certification even if my code is incorrect and didn’t pass the tests

Hi @asma22 !

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When you submit a project, you will not get any feedback.
freeCodeCamp uses the honor system.
It is up to you to make sure you are passing all of the tests.

If you want feedback, then you can post your project in the #project-feedback section.

Do you mean that even if my code doesn’t pass all the tests , I will always get the certification ?

Technically yes.

But like I mentioned earlier, freeCodeCamp uses the honor system.

Also, freeCodeCamp can audit your projects and if they are incomplete or violate the academic honesty pledge then your certification can be revoked.

At the end of the day, the certificates serve as personal achievements.
It will mean a lot more to you, if you submit work that is correct instead incomplete work.

If you are unsure if your project passes all of the requirements, then you can ask the forum.

Okay, thank you for your response, the thing is that I am sure that my code is correct and test on many examples, but I don’t know what it doesn’t pass the tests.

Well, you can post your project here and we can tell you if it is good to submit or not.

Okay, thank you @jwilkins.oboe

Also, I moved your other post to the Python section since it is technically not passing the tests yet. :grinning:

I should clarified earlier, that the #project-feedback section is a place to post projects if all the tests are passing.

I submitted my first project ''Tribute Page", however I missed the part were it says ‘similar functionality’ and created the tribute page exactly like the link mentioned in the instructions. Is there a way I can edit it and modify it. I did not mean to copy anything.

HI @tanvijanani !

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Just rebuild your codepen project and you’ll be fine.

No need to resubmit the same link once you make those changes.

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