Python project submission

I submitted the solution link to a python project, how could I Know if it is accepted?
Do the administrators send some kind of message?

The submissions of projects is on an honor based system, make sure your project passes all tests and you are good to go

@ilenia I completed the python project arithmetic formatter in replit website and In ran the unit tests there. And although it turned out I have a lot of fails according to the unit tests (but I did not tell the difference in the console), I took the link to my project solution and pasted it in to the box on freecodecamp and submitted the answer

and it checked the project anyway

I also opened another project on replit and just copied the empty project link and pasted it into the box and it also seems to accept it.
So how will I know if it is accepted for sure?!!

Hello there,

The way freeCodeCamp works:

  • freeCodeCamp is not an accredited institution. So, the certifications are not backed by anything, and serve merely as personal milestones.
  • You are expected to abide by the Academic Honesty Policy you agreed to before you claimed your first certificate (found on the settings page).
  • If a Camper is found to not have completed the expected steps to claim a certificate, their certificate can be revoked.
  • Each project comes with some form of testing and user-story, which is the expected steps to complete a project. Provided you follow the user stories beyond reasonable doubt, and pass the given tests, you can safely submit your project as completed.

If you have submitted a project which does not fulfil the above, then you are encouraged to resubmit.

Hope this clarifies.

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Thanks a lot for clarifying

look at the tests, it sasy what the issues are, you are failing the tests


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