Cheat in Python projects

Why in the process of submitting python project you can pass any link in solution link and pass the task? I understand that i passed project from sample tests but still

because at this time there is not a why to check the submitted links, like there is not for the Responsive Web Design projects

remember the academic honesty pledge tho - they take it seriously, and if someone is found to have submitted invalid links, or plagiarized content to get the certs the certs are revoked

Is it because there is not cerificate for python yet on freecodecamp?

there are 3.5 python certs (Information Security has both Python and JavaScript)

it’s because implementing a way to test those projects is not trivial, like it is not trivial for Responsive Web Developmet and Front End Libraries projects which also give a test suite to the user to use before submitting but does not test at the moment of actual submission

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Tests are provided for students to use as they are working on their projects. By submitting links and claiming certificates, you are asserting that your project meets all requirements, including that it passes the tests. At this time, freeCodeCamp does not require you to use a specific service to host your projects, so any link could be valid and no uniform acceptance testing can be used.

For more information on cheating and project expectations, review the academic honesty policy.

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Hi @fukenist!

At the end of the day, no system is perfect. People who want to cheat will find a way to cheat.

So, I don’t think it would be in the best interest of FCC to pour more resources into creating a system that checks and verifies every single link at the moment of submission.

I think the honor system is working just fine.

The people who are taking these classes that legitimately want to become developers understand that it is more about the knowledge and growth not certificates.

Certificates are great for personal satisfaction and goals but the only certificates that employers would care about are cs degrees.

Happy coding! :grinning:

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