I cannot obtain my web design certification

hello world…why doesn’t let me to claim my web design certification??

It looks like you haven’t completed all of the steps. Usually this is because people don’t read and agree to the academic honesty policy.

i’ve looked at settings,profile and i did not see something new to complete…

i want to mention that i complete all 5 projects from responsive web certification

Did you agree to the academic honesty policy? Did you set the appropriate profile information to “public”?

Hello there,

Is your name set and saved?

go to the curriculum page with all the challenges and scroll down to the projects, and look at the list of steps listed below the projects and make sure you have completed all of them

yes,it is

i already did… and i checked in codepen template…and i ve complete all steps

there is something else going on, it should say “Show solution” there near the projects

There is some weird glitch or bug going on it seems

could you try please cleaning the cache of your browser?

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i cleaned cache of my browser like you said…i had to connect my freecodecamp account , i submit the url of my works again for Responsive Web Design certification and it did not work

as long a i finish all the steps in the projects…it should work …doesn’t matter how simple is my projects ,right??

Thank you, for answering all the questions. This is very odd.

I am going to assume something has gone wrong with your database record, and CC @raisedadead in this.

After clearing your cache, can you confirm that the Academic Honesty Policy still shows that it is accepted?

yes,it shows that i accepted Academic Honesty Policy

oki…and what sould i do ? to obtain the web design certification.?..

I am out of ideas. So, for now, wait for someone else to help investigate this further.

What browser are you using? Is it up to date?

There were some recent issues with Safari causing very strange behavior, but I think that issue has has been fixed.

im using google chrome…