Claimed certificate but solutions don't show

Hi all. I have an issue as described above. I did the projects, claimed the certificate, but my solutions don’t show on the public certification page. Or they show only after a refresh. On the JavaScript cert I cannot get any solutions to show…what am I missing?

I don’t understand the issue, can you share a link to the page with the issue?

I think he’s expecting his solutions to all his challenges to be visible? I can’t log in right now, but I thought that they don’t persist forever.

No that’s not what I mean. I’m talking about the five final projects for each certification. When you claim and then view the certificate, it says at the bottom:

As part of this certification, Raver built the following projects and got all automated test suites to pass:

[link](Build a drum machine): link

The links to the solution are only showing up after a refresh or not at all.

yeah, all your solution does not stay forever… It will automatically delete it after you are done with it.

I see what you mean…
The links the says solution doesn’t work…

Is your certification new? Because it might take some time to automatically link it properly. Try waiting for a few hours…

Can you give us a link to your certificate? because your forum username is not the same as your /learn username

Hello there,

Thank you, for bringing this up. I am looking into a few bugs to do with this section of the platform: Certificate Project Modal Bug · Issue #41138 · freeCodeCamp/freeCodeCamp (

I suspect this is related.

Otherwise, would you mind sharing a screenshot of your settings page? Specifically this section:

Same as yours it seems.

I can access my JavaScript Project solutions in my settings so they do exist.

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Problem solved regarding the links not showing up - My Timeline needs to be set to public.

@Sky020 I still have your issue when I follow the links on the JavaScript certification.

Thanks to all who chimed in.