I can't see my code in the JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures certification

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In my JavaScript certification, I can’t see my code in the solutions. Instead it says: " // The solution is not available for this project".

But in the settings I can see my code.

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Thank you, for pointing this out. We are looking into a solution for this.

You can track the progress here: Unable to View JS Algorithms Solutions · Issue #42716 · freeCodeCamp/freeCodeCamp · GitHub

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Thank you!
I hope it’s resolved soon.

Hi, just wanted to say, currently having the same problem, here are the errors.

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I’ve been getting the same error on mine. I just finished the projects for the JS Algorithms, but

  1. after finishing the “Cash Register” project, the Certification section wouldn’t acknowledge that I had completed it (it would show my solution code for the other four problems).
  2. I clicked on the button to claim my certificate, and it seemed to go through (I can see my certificate). However, the certificate doesn’t show any of my solutions.

Same here, it hasn’t been fixed unfortunately, there was a merge on github that was supposed to fix it and maybe it did for new certifications, but mine still doesn’t work. How do I share this, everything I say is basically a duplicate, we need to let the dev team know.

Hello there,

Once a commit is merged on GitHub into the main branch, it still needs to be pushed to the production branch, and then that branch needs to be built, and released to the public.

As such, the fix has not necessarily reached the public.

EDIT: As of now, it appears the fix should be on freecodecamp.org

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Oh my god thank you, I’m so sorry but I just assumed that the main branch would be the final branch that gets released every so often, I am very grateful that the Freecodecamp team has fixed this issue.

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