Completed all projects in Javascript Algorithms and Data Structures but some show as incomplete in Settings Panel


First of all I would like to say how much I love freeCodeCamp. It is a great way to learn coding and it is very fun while doing so.

I have completed all the JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures Projects. However, The Palindrome checker and Roman numerals projects show “Complete Project” instead of showing “Show Solution” on my personal settings. When I click the “Complete Project” button it takes me to a page that says “Sorry, we couldn’t find a page for that address.”

When I check the curriculum, all projects have their corresponding checkmarks.

I have tried completing the projects again through the curriculum, but this has not helped.

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated, I am looking forward to earning my certification :slight_smile: This is my public portfolio link - - which shows that I have record of completing the projects, however shows no certificates


Hi! I have exactly the same issue with the last one (cash register) which I finished this morning (I had already completed the others through legacy curriculum, is it the same for you and the ones that “Show Solution”?).

I see here: I am not able to claim my Certificate that we are far from alone in this situation and that “This is a known bug that is being worked on” .
A solution was proposed that did not work for me but maybe for you! :smiley:

Thank you very much! That helped and I was able to claim my certificate!

Hi! Glad it worked for you!
One month passed and I finally decided to try again! :crazy_face:
I had to try something else, and here it is for anyone with the same issue who would read this topic:
I realised that the pb seems to be that my completing the last challenge was not taken into account, and I guess it was because I completed it anonymously: my sign in was useless (I checked in dev tools and indeed, signIn=false) so I tried on another browser(firefox) and boom it worked :smiley: I eventually got my certification!