How does FreeCodeCamp decide certificate validity?

Hello everyone, So I just completed 2/5 from the Responsive Web Design Certificate, and I wanted to know, does FCC check the projects I built? How does it know that it met the requirements? I just insert the CodePen links and click “Submit” and FCC goes to next project. I even tried to remove a requirement and submit and FCC didn’t show any errors.

TLDR: I want an elaboration of how does FCC know that you actually completed the project and did it correctly.

FCC works on the honor system. This means if someone reports plagiarism or code copying in a project you used to claim a certification, then you could have your certification revoked. Various moderators (me included) and others do check projects from time to time which have received a certification, to validate the projects are legit. If not, then we can report them as such.

So there is no algorithm-based validation of any sort? What is the Project Test Suite for then? Don’t you think this affects the certificate’s liability?

You can read a bit about this problem on this Github issue.