Project Solutions for Responsive Web Design

  1. After completing and pasting two links with two first projects from with all test passed there’s no solution after pressing “Show solution”, just empty codepen sheet.
  2. I’ve entered random links to the reset of projects, all were accepted and just like that i’ve recieved 300h Responsive Web Design certification.

Is this how it supposed to be?
If yes, why there’s no disclaimer that all your progress will be gone if you don’t save your progress locally or in codepen account?
Is solution verification “trust based” and you can post random stuff to receive certification?

I’ve just lost hours of work and realize that i can receive this certification in 3 minutes by pasting random links, and as a result can’t take this certificate seriously.

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you are given a pen to fork, the fork button is in the bottom right corner

you have submitted multiple times the same link, which is the link to the pen with the test suite

freeCodeCamp is not an accredited institution… it’s a non profit organization with the mission to teach coding. It’s the experience you get going through the curriculum, the projects you create, that show your skills.

Also, please remember the Academic Honesty Pledge you agreed to. Your certificate will be revoked if invalid projects are found

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Hello @donlonger. Welcome to FCC forums.
The reason no solution is showing when you click that button maybe because you wrote your code in the FCC’s example pen itself. If you do so, your code is not saved anywhere. So, what you need to do is fork that pen to your account and start writing the required code.

FCC is a trust-based non-profit website and you should be honest with it. As @ilenia said, FCC is not accredited, but the certificates are a result of hours of hard work for the candidate. There is nothing to get by just pasting random links or cheating. If you do a genuine project, then you will have learned a lot of new stuff and that will give you the confidence for creating your own websites in the future. The certificate FCC gives you is proof of your hard work. Also, cheating is against the Academic Honest policy which you agree when getting the certificate.

Also, if you’re wondering why FCC can’t check random links, it’s because that is fairly impossible. If FCC staffs were to check each project manually, that is also impossible as FCC is a larger community than ever and countless people are getting certified each day.

The only thing you can do now is, to be honest, and passionate about what you’re doing. Trust me, if you do everything genuinely, then there is nothing to worry about and if you cheat, then you will always worry whether you will get caught or not.

Hope you understand.


Ok, I understand, thank you for fast and comprehensive answer.

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