Responsive Web design projects - Academic Honesty

Hello everyone !

I’ve just finished the Responsive Web design certification and while I was claiming the certificate, I started thinking if the projects I submitted were somehow in conflict with fCC 's academic honesty policies.

1 - I wrote absolutely 100% of the code I submitted. The thing is I simply coded the same layouts used as examples in the projects’ descriptions, and even copied the text and images.

2- Also, when I go the profile settings and try and open the projects I submitted, a blank codepen pen is open, although the challenges in the curriculum section appear completed.

Should I be worried about these two things?

Thanks guys!

have you forked the pen you were given so that you could save it to your codepen account?

it may be your projects were never saved, and so you have actually submitted only empty pens - in this case please do not claim the certificate (yet)


As for the academic honesty issue - the principle is that the work is your own, not simply copy-pasted from somewhere else.

If you saw a design and feature spec, thought about it, and then coded up a solution, then you’re fine, even if you use the same design and copy.

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