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I have done 3 projects so far, but I miss the feedback from FCC over if I have passed or failed those project toward the certification, now the question is how and when are we getting feedback from FCC to know if we have done a good job toward the finale certification?

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FCC doesn’t review each project and send feedback. There are over a million unique visitors a month, so that’s just not possible.

Hi Ariel :slight_smile: that’s understandable. but how do I know that my projects which I have done so far are “okay” for the certification? also, I don’t know who the process is like? like how do I know that I’m getting the certification after the projects I have done?

Good day Omar,

Once you have completed a project you will have to test it against the snippet added in codepen. That ensures that the project is more or less OK according the said conditions of the project.
The forum will serve as a good place to get your project criticized constructively.
With different comments said, you will have a more or less good round understanding if you’re going toward the right direction or not.
Sharing the link to your project here should help you to know whether the project was done correctly or not.

Hi geek4ctrl.

you mean the FCC forking in right? and I have the projects I have done so far in the forum and it’s a big help regarding the feedback, I’m getting a very good perspective of how fare am I in the process, and that’s okay, but the main question is that when you have done the five projects for the responsive web design section, how to proceed to get the certification? and would the snippet decide whether the project is passing or failing?

After you’ve done the projects for a section, you can claim the corresponding certificate on your settings page.

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Thanks a lot :slight_smile: now i understand more :slight_smile: