I received my responsive web design certificate

I’ve just completed my last projects for this responsive web design curriculum and I feel great now I know that its not a very big achievement but what I achieve in this journey was some new knowledge and self control. btw I learned a lot more than these two things but anyway I’m grateful to Quincy Larson who created this beautiful website for beginners like us and I’m also grateful to the people who helped me during this achievement. LOVE YOU ALL :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi @ridzzali110 !

Congrats on completing the first certificate!

I think you should consider it a big achievement.
You decided to learn a new skill and stuck with it.

You should be proud of that. :grinning:

Keep on coding!


thanks :hugs: I appreciate this alot :upside_down_face:

congratulations!! i’m happy to hear that : )

it is a big achievement. please don’t downplay your success. celebrate yourself and be proud! i’m proud of you! i wish you the best of luck for the remainder of your coding journey

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thanks I admire your consideration alot :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Congratulations! Its a Big Achievement.

And Wish you all the Best for your Next Coding Journey.

I’m still stuck on the third project i.e., Building a Product Landing Page.
I feeling lost somewhere. Any Suggestions/ Motivational Guide?

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Hi @Madan !

If you are having trouble with one of the projects then I would suggest creating a new topic and people would be happy to assist you there :grinning:


No mam. Currently I’m not facing problem with the project. But I lost my interest in between. I’m back and working on it, after a long break.

Thank you.

ohh…ok I understand now.

I think what will help is to build projects you are interested in alongside the curriculum exercises.

When I am working on my passion projects it keeps me motivated to keep coding.

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dont worry at all it happens to me everytime I try to make a project like for example when i tried to make the product landing page I spend two days just to plan the design and create the nav bar. I got so many troubles just to set the logo on the navbar. but at the end I got my way same thing is there are times that you dont feel like doing things or you dont know how to do it. So my advice is get some rest ease yourself and with fresh mind try to solve things thats how I do my work. :grin: :wink:

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I feel you, coding taught me a whole new side of myself I didn’t know. I have a feeling you will add more certifications to this one.
I have read somewhere that the feeling of gratitude is closely connected to happiness, personally I think that it is happiness. I hope the ripples of your gratitude will grow larger and larger!
Happy coding! :heart_eyes:


@mientje SAME!! idk but coding is the only thing that caught my interest. anyways I wish you the same regards an same love :hugs:

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Congratulations, hope everything will be as you wish :slightly_smiling_face:

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