Just earned my first Certificate

I finally earned my responsive design certification. I started freeCodecamp in January of this year 2022 so I was hoping to finish it way earlier than April. Unfortunately many life things happened and it took me away from concentrating on completing this. Nonetheless, I feel pretty accomplished. I do want to go back and fix my Product Landing Page project because it looks a hot mess. I did use youtube to help me with some tutorials to get me through the projects but I am prod because there were moments where I was able to complete some of the user stories without the help of the tutorials. I still do not feel like an expert with Responsive Design and I am hoping as I go through the other Certifications and watch many more tutorials I will be able to feel as though I can truly do this on my own. Any advice or resources to help me feel more confident and more like an expert (lol) will be very helpful.


Congratulations! My advice is to keep learning, there’s no such thing as mastering a language but you may say we can be good at it. There’s this thing called “Impostor Syndrome” and I heard it’s very common in the industry, I experience it a lot, too. There will always be someone better than us but what matters the most is you know what you’re doing.


Hi there! I also just finished my responsive design certification 2 weeks ago and I am doing my javascript course at the moment. I will say do a lot of practice by copying the design of websites you like or completing projects from website like frontend mentor. They have tons of projects which you can use to practice your skill. Anyway, if you have codepen account, I would love to give it a follow!


Congrats on your efforts.


I wouldn’t bother. Those aren’t sophisticated enough of projects to be useful for getting a job anyway. I would just suggest to keep moving forward. Learn what you learned and try to do better on your next project. Perfectionism can be quicksand.

I still do not feel like an expert with Responsive Design an

Join the club.

Any advice or resources to help me feel more confident and more like an expert (lol) will be very helpful.

Just keep building a learning. This is hard stuff, that’s why it pays well. Just keep getting better. And remember that you aren’t expected to memorize this stuff - learn what is possible and google the details as needed.


Thank you so much i appreciate that because I will make myself go crazy feeling as though I haven’t mastered a skill.

Congratulations on finishing your certification as well. Thank you for the recommendation. I will be sure to check out frontend mentor. My codepen is: https://codepen.io/valenciaea
I will be sure to follow you as well. I would love to see your work as well!

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Thank you so much @lazysloth

Kevin I appreciate you because the way I was going to waste time and try to correct the Product Landing Page and probably spend hours on it, would have totally been a waste of time and prevent me from moving on at a quicker pace. Also I love this quote “Perfectionism can be a quicksand” and thank you for the advice and using google as needed!!!

I disagree regarding mastering. Well, “mastering” according to you lol. If the language hasn’t had a new library in ages, I feel like you can (in theory) master it. Could be wrong though. I’m only a novice in coding.

And also, and this is personal for me because I started and still love Python, many congratulations! Keep going after finding a job. Also, lets connect on LinkedIn because I’m looking for dev friends and love fellow Python peeps.

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C is one of the most stripped down and basic languages out there and I’d be hesitant to call myself a ‘master’ without decades of experience. I’d focus instead on being good at getting the job done, with clear, well documented, well tested code! There’s always more to ‘master’ in a coding language or discipline.


I agree! This was my point :wink:


Thank you. Absolutely let’s connect. Here is a link to my : profilehttps://www.linkedin.com/in/valencia-addison-b76613206/

Hey there, I recently joined freecodecamp.org and it feels very good to be between you. I am a student and I recently started my Web Development carrier. I hope everyone is having a great day!

Congratulations Valenciaea! I recently finished the resposive web design certificate in April as well and am looking to connect with other web devs. Haha on that note on perfectionism i totally sandbagged myself and went back and fourth fixing my codepens. Good to know i should just move on :slight_smile:

Congratulations xynoan! I recently finished the responsive web design certificate in April as well and am looking to connect with other web dev element. :slight_smile:

how much time were you spending a day?

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