Multitasking HMTL, CSS and JavaScript

So i have finish my Responsive Web Design Certification course but i really also wanna start Javascript Algorithms And Data Structures Certification. Is it recommended to do both course at the same time?

Sorry i meant that i HAVENT finished Web Design

Hey @dynamic_dreamer7,
I would never recommend that.
If you are a beginner, you should not rush and be patient.
Take one thing at a time.
You will be more efficient doing one thing at a time rather than multitasking.
Hope that answers your question.

thank you @aditya_p. i see you point. It make a lot of sense . Thank you for the advice

Glad that helped.
Keep this in mind that when you earn your first certificate and get a grip on the html and css, you will be more motivated than you are right now to get going.
And that would really help you.

I’d agree with Aditya! Take your time and really dive into HTML and CSS. It can be overwhelming to move too quickly. I did that at first and really struggled when I reached the Front End certification. I should have spent more time developing my HTML/CSS. Really enjoy the projects as well! Do a great job and it’ll benefit you a ton. Don’t just rush to pass the user tests! Good luck on your coding journey :slight_smile:

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