Just finished responsive web design... Next?

I love this site! I’ve just finished the responsive web design course and had a lot of fun.

Now, the question is, which to go on to next?

It seems logical to go the chronological route and head on to the Javascript course but… I’ve just finished a 30 hour Javascript course over at Codecademy.

Is it worth doing this one now or should I skip ahead to something else?

Has anyone done both this Javascript course and the one at Codecademy? Will I benefit from doing this and will I learn anything new?

Start the lesson, if you feel you have a good handle on that part, skip that part. Move on to the next.
If you only did a 30 hour JS course, you will still be stumped on parts of the FCC javascript lesson.

Hi @jonathanrace77 I personally did both, since it solidified my learning through repetition. You also get som different perspectives on some of the topics.

Thanks everyone! I’ll make a start and see what happens. If it is too easy then at least I’ll get through it quickly :smiley:

if it’s too easy go directly to the projects, it is the only mandatory part to get the certification

This is what I did in the end.

Challenge 1 was a bit of a challenge.
Challenge 2-4 were really fun and easy :slight_smile:
Challenge 5… I’ve just beaten and I think I’ll need some therapy after that!

I might be tempted to browse through some of the old lessons in this area again but for now I’m happy to move on :smiley:

relatable, that’s brutal!
but a good learning step!

will you go forward with next certification?

Yes, I imagine once I’ve recovered, things will be easier. (I’ve learned not to underestimate the power of precision issues! they accounted for 49.9999997% of my problems).

Do you mean the Front End Libraries certification? If so, then yes! I’ve already started eye’ing up Bootstrap but no more coding till I’ve had some sleep :slight_smile:

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