Advice for the new lessons

I’m 3/4 through basic Javascript course. Starting this section I didn’t feel like I was ‘ready’, but of course there was no other option than continue. I’m struggling, but working it out. Now there are lots of new courses that I feel will be very beneficial, however I’m just now grasping the concept of Javascript.
Should I go back and continue the HTML/CSS sections, or continue through Javascript and return to those afterward?
I would imagine Javascript is “more important” but I really don’t know. Thanks for any advice!

I’d suggest that you continue to move forward until you finish the whole program, you can always come back and supplement with other courses. You won’t understand all the concepts in JavaScript the first time you go through it. I’d really advice you to just keep moving forward.

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As far as I see the finished lessons are ‘greyed out’ and the newly added ones aren’t. You should just pick up those that are added and than back to what you were doing so you’re sure you have picked up the new stuff as well.

If you’re just randomly going through the course it is entirely up to you. Personally I follow the freeCodeCamp lessons order and fill up the gaps if they add new lessons.


As far as I am concerned, there is nothing wrong with learning all the new skills and apply them in your portfolio so you can show off your skills.

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I felt that also, zapping though the challenges doesn’t make a dent in memory… but there’s a way.

Also heed those who advised to really learn the fundamentals of programming, after all, you will be doing lots and lots of javascript along the way.

Before doing each module in javascript certification, its better to do other outside tutorials first. Either by reading and or doing the exercises. Obviously, you’ll be spending more time learning js, but in doing so, will make you grasp the concepts better.


udacity intro to javascript then do
fcc basic javascript

search tuts for es6 then do
fcc es6

search tuts for regex then do
fcc regular expressions

and so on and so forth.

Focus on javascript first, then do html/css so you could focus on design and whatsoever

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Thanks for the advice everyone. I did go back and do some of the HTML/CSS tests and it seemed like ‘going backwards’, so moving forward is the way to go :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot Gary for the recommendations! I feel like that too, that going from challenge to challenge and trying to remember everything is frustrating at times. I appreciate your suggestions, I’m definitely going to start those courses along side FCC. I attempted using w3schools, but the javascript course is just as confusing. But I do feel like I need more to really get the hang of everything. Thanks again! :slight_smile: