Hey I am a relative newbie just a question,

I am 3/4 of the way through the basic javascript course, I am enjoying it. are you expected to remember everything that you learn in this section, or just need a basic understanding, I ask as I am struggling to keep it all in my mind. Thanks in advance


You want be able to remember everythign the first time through. As you write more and more code things will become comitted to your memory. You’ll probably never have to stop looking things up through you entire programming career


I’ve taken many online programming courses, and they don’t expect you to remember everything. What they’re trying to accomplish is drilling concepts into your head while helping you pick up syntax along the way. Teaching you how to think is the real hard part, teaching you the actual coding is the easy part.

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Hi @richardadam ,

Congrats on starting your coding journey! I think its really important to remember everything when doing FCC - and this is something I struggled with at the beginning as well - and sometimes still do. If you aren’t already, I’d recommend taking lots of notes - that way you’ll be able to go back to your notes to refresh your memory as needed. Later on, those notes will be really helpful when building more extensive projects.

In my experience, I’ve found that once you get into building stuff - the FCC Front End projects as an example, etc. - there isn’t a whole lot of instruction given as to how to write the actual code - just an example of a finished product, some user stories and a few links. For that reason, I’ve relied heavily on what I’ve learned along the way and the notes I’ve taken. Of course, you can also ask for help in chat or on the forum as well and most everyone here is happy to help.

Hope this helps you and I wish you all success !

Sincerely, Jessi


If you learned also you can’t remember everything you have learned. When there comes some problems while practicing, you have to find a solution and that’s how learning happens.

I am returning to the curriculum after a long absence. I found that I had retained almost nothing from the challenges I had done. So I have taken a new approach, and have re-started from the beginning, taking notes on each challenge as I complete it. That’s because of the way my particular mind works; if I recap the challenge in my own words, it forces me to check my understanding and seems to help me retain the concepts introduced in each lesson, since I’m a strongly visual learner. In case I need a refresher in the future, I can go back through my notes with little trouble. IMO, there’s NO WAY anyone can retain all details of any language, not even with FCC’s approach.


I agree with codemonkey4. I have a text file open and take notes on each subject along the way. Not only is it good for review, but writing them down reinforces the concepts.

Also, I have a tendency to go into “race mode”, wanting to blaze through a section as fast as possible. Taking notes purposely slows me down, which helps me absorb the material instead of becoming a forgotten blur. I then review the notes after each section.

TL;DR: Take notes. Review your notes.

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