Need some advice on what to learn next

I started doing freecodecamp challenges @ October of 2016.
Finished my personal portfolio. (front end part) .
And did some single page website.
One bootstrap page and one clone of nerdfusion’s studio webpage.

When it comes to js, I jumped ship to YDKJS.
Now I have finished reading the 1st 4 books of YDKJS.

  • Up and going
  • Scope and Closures
  • this and Object prototypes
  • types and grammar

And now I have this issue that I have been studying js for too long and had forgotten some of the HTML and CSS I have learned.

So, I want to take a pause on the YDKJS part and do some website mock ups using bootstrap 1st, then do this course next.

My question is this: is my js knowledge good enough for the course above?

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@owel @RandellDawson @DarrenfJ

The course lists a prerequisite of understanding basic data structures: arrays, lists, sets, and trees. Do you understand how to create and work with those in JS? If not, do some research and experimenting until you do. (I recommend to try out simple stuff quickly.)

I also don’t know how that course is structured - do you have to keep up with a timeline or is it go at your own pace? If it’s the latter, I’d say go for it if you want to and search here and on StackOverflow if you need help.

If there is a timeline, are you going to pay for the cert? If not, go for it - all you have to lose is the $0 you didn’t pay for it, right?

As you can probably see, my general advice is go for it, dig in and keep at it, and you’ll do fine. (Unless you’re spending money; then make sure you’re comfortable with the prerequisites.)


don’t know the course well enough but @P1xt has it early on in her curriculum


My advice is learn a backend language and databases next. Sure, it’s great to learn about mongoDB and all that new stuff, but don’t forget the basics… like Structured Query Language (SQL) and relational databases.

If you know HTML, CSS, JS, a backend language and a database platform, you can pretty much do what most/typical/majority of business websites require.


i see. should I finish YDKJS the last two books and the video course I mentioned above?

the thing that worries me is that I only understand a lot of the theory part when it comes to JS, when it comes to real world practice, I have no idea how to do it. I havent used any js in the page I built. now is purely html and CSS.

or I should skip the last two books, and finish the video course then learn SQL and data structures.

Without practice that theory isn’t going to be useful.

I would recommend looking at this article. Choosing one of the JavaScript courses and code everything, examples, exercises and projects. Create a repo on GitHub to save your work to. That keep’s me motivated.

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i will check it out thanks!!!

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Honestly, when I’m making business websites, my JS is mostly for “effects” and UI navigation, and maybe a few ajax or server-side calls to populate a div section on the page. I haven’t had a need to do a lot of heavy data processing using JS.

Now… backend and database queries… that’s another story. I’m doing that a lot. And businesses love reports, and looking at their data in new ways. For me, knowing SQL is much much more important and useful.

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You’re welcome. The more time you spend actually coding examples, exercises & projects you will learn more then just watching lectures. You should always code along with lectures.

Checkout this GitHub repo to get an idea of coding & uploading to GitHub… Don’t mind the C# code. Just take note of my commits and the file structure, the readme…etc.

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thank you.

i think I will start learning data structure and SQL.
also noob question: a lot of data structure books are using java/c as an example.

which one should I pick?? (if I only know js right now) does it matter?

I would get into Angular or React and then take the course if you still think it will help.

  • Build front-ends for API’s. You’ll learn A LOT building and hosting web applications.
  • Learn React. You’ll learn even more JavaScript. React uses a lot of JS.
  • Learn NextJS.
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