Learning goals and advice on what to do next

I do not have time to work on javascript, a portfolio and learn frontend frameworks at the same time. I have to pick one goal at a time. Which should I do next?

My goal is to be a frontend developer. I am learning javascript now and will finish the Javascript course in a mater of weeks. I have already completed the Responsive Web Design course. I feel I will need more practice to master javascript after completing the Free Code Camp JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures course.

After completing the javascript course on Free Code Camp I could: 1 . study javascript until I feel I have mastered the language, 2. work on a javascript, html, and css frontend portfolio or 3. learn frontend frameworks.

I believe I need to do all three before applying to jobs. I’m really looking for some guidance.

Thank you for your consideration. All responses are appreciated!

Personally, I’d recommend finishing the JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures certification and then continue through the curriculum in order. The next certification, Front End Development Libraries will introduce various libraries such as Bootstrap, Sass and React, whilst also developing your knowledge of HTML, CSS and Javascript.
Not only this, but the required projects which you will build here will start to build you a portfolio. You can then also complete the Data Visualisation certificate too if you wish.

After that, the curriculum starts to delve into the backend, so it’s up to you if you wish to dive into that too, or continue to develop your frontend knowledge through other projects or exercises (such as the Interview Prep or Project Euler challenges).


So your goals of 1 and 2 kind of run into each other. The only real way you are going to feel more comfortable with javascript is by putting it to use. Reading articles, and doing the challenges are fine, but nothing is going to get you more ready then actually working on a project. Since javascript is used to manipulate the html and you have css to style the html it makes sense to work on a few projects to strengthen them all at the same time. The project doesnt have to be big, but something to give you practice. You can even use this site

This is an amazing site that helps you practice your html, css, and javascript. Here you can pick from beginner to expert projects, and the projects goal is to recreate the page or website you pick. The project will give you all the images, and colors you will need but then it’s entirely up to you to recreate it. I used this site when I was first starting out and I absolutely loved it.

After your javascript, if it was me I would probably work on a project or two to make sure the understanding is there, and then I would probably move on to the frameworks

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