Should I finish Javascript Algorithms and Data structures before moving to front-end libraries?

Hey there. I’m trying to learn front-end development and just following the curriculum on FCC. However, Javascript has proven to be a challenge, and while I enjoy learning it, I feel like I’ll need more than just FCC to learn it well.

So I’m thinking I can just skip after finishing basic javascript and ES6 courses and start learning the frontend libraries, and then come back to javascript. Would this be a good choice? Or will I miss some important details by not doing the rest of the javascript course?

Also, can someone recommend me a good (non-book) source for learning more about javascript? Preferably one that will also help me build a portfolio at the same time?

Hi @Lursmani!

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Front end frameworks and libraries like react are based on Javascript. So having a good foundation in the core language (Javascript) is going to be important for understanding those frameworks.

Frameworks and libraries change all of the time. One minute they are popular and the next minute it’s old news but the core language shows no signs for going anywhere.

Lost of people will supplement their education with other sources like udemy, youtube, odin project, etc. You just have to find a source that compliments your learning style.

I would suggest finishing the full javascript section before you move to react IMO.

the best source you can have is the documentation on JavaScript (example
The best things you can put in your portfolio, are projects m,ade by yourself, not following tutorials

Then I will do that indeed. Thanks for the advice.

I will build projects eventually, but a course that will teach me more basics and help me make basic projects would be nice for starters. Kinda like what FCC does, just more of it.