What path should i take?

I have a doubt on what I need to focus my study now.
I have completed all sections of “Responsive Web Design” and “Javascript Algorithms And Data Structures” and I am currently on “Front End Libraries” I should keep going with it or should I focus on Javascript before to do that?

I am using https://guide.freecodecamp.org/ to find tutorials when I need something and now I am studying javascript on https://javascript.info/, when I finish with that (if I need to) what should be my next step?

I still need to learn how really use GitHub, should I lean it now?

I am sorry for my poor english.

I’m not the best person to answer, but seeing how nobody has answered yet.

Once you finish with javascript, you should learn some other front end libraries, if not taught in your javascript. Rarely is pure javascript used.

Github will be extremely useful. No program developer of any flavor at any company will go without some sort of source control. It will also save your ass in case something goes terribly wrong (ranging from power outages and losing your data to oh-sh**-I-broke-my-program-and-i-don’t-know-why).

If you feel comfortable just carry on with the frontend libraries.

From the previous sections in “Responsive Web Design” and “Javascript Algorithms And Data Structures” you shouldn’t have too many issues with these:
Bootstrap is an HTML/CSS library that will strengthen your HTML/CSS
JQuery is a Javascript library that will strengthen your Javascript
SASS is a CSS pre-processor and helps with CSS

However the React and Redux parts are a little different. I found doing the React courses on Codecademy easier for a React beginner and after doing those I breezed through the React section here at FCC.

Just make sure to do all the projects too. It’s all very well completing all the exercises but you need to put what you learn into practice


  • Learn Git. Without Git, you aren’t able to work in a team.
  • Create Projects. Look at the Design of some Templates and rebuild them without copying the code. Do this 10-20 times. Do every project with the use of Git.

All the others things are currently nice to know,
don’t fall into the trap of learning everything and building nothing.
If you’ll build, you’ll learn on-demand.

thanks to all of you, I’ll try to do what you suggested.

If you do libraries next, you’re not skipping JavaScript… They are JavaScript :slight_smile:

React has a learning curve, but once you start to understand it you realise just how much JavaScript knowledge you need to use it well. My JavaScript knowledge improved a great deal when I really dug in to React.

good to know thanks :grinning: it was exactly what I was feeling.
I was scared to skip JavaScript and just use his libraries

I second this. Build, build, build… I thought I knew JavaScript after I finished the JS Course Iwas following, then to test my knowledge I started building projects and i realized my JS knowledge was very limited and I just knew the theory of how certain things work, but I didn’k know JS.

I recently finished building a few projects and I learned a lot, finally I can say that I know JS, I can manipulate the DOM and make things dynamic, which I thought I knew before I built a few projects.

To OP, build a few projects and teste your knowledge, after you feel confident with HTML, CSS and JS, then you move to another technology.