What should the next step be?

I feel lost in my study path, I need advice on what I should focus on next? I know how to use HTML, CSS and some JS. I have built some basic projects through some udemy courses and I’m close to completing the javascript section in FCC.
I don’t know what to do next to advance my journey into becoming a web developer, I don’t know if I should follow freeCodeCamp’s curriculum strictly, build random projects for my personal website or read a book? Any suggestions?

I can’t tell you what is the best path because it is different for everyone. But I can tell you what I do.

Continue FCC
Supplement with Job Ready Javascript

Follow video courses that focus on building projects so you can cement what you learn. I particularly like Wes Bos and Eduonix course - https://www.eduonix.com/courses, I usually buy them through Stack Skills. I’m working through HTML5 and Javascript projects from both of these. After I finish I have a set of React Redux ones to try.

I plan to do the same with Node.js, Mondo, Python, and Electron. I’ve started some basic lessons on these.

In this…apply for jobs, build a portfolio, join meetups and networking groups. I’ve been a senior dev for awhile, and I do this supplement and grow in my career. I tend to take PHP and MySql courses from time to time brush up on my skills, and keep them current as that is what I most often work in outside of html, css, and javascript.

Good luck!