What should I do next?

Hey everyone!
I’ve just finished the frontend libraries course and I’m currently feeling a little bit overwhelmed regarding what to do next.
So I am looking forward to eventually landing my first frontend dev job. I know this whole thing requires patience and time, and I’m here for the long run, but I would be lying if I said I’m not falling pray to anxiety.
Since I started with this path I’ve been guiding myself with https://roadmap.sh/frontend. I’ve gone all the way down to frameworks.
Ever since I started I noted I stay more focused and productive while I’m doing some sort of course which provides me a certificate which I can feel proud about later. However, I’ve covered the first 3 fcc courses on frontend and idk if I should:
1- Move along the roadmap,
2- Move along fcc curriculum to its next course, ‘Data Visualization’,
3- Make the effort and invest on a payed coding learning platform,
4- Focus on fully learning React, Redux, jQuery, JS, HTML, CSS with projects,
5- Learning Python

I heard this advice that new comers try to cover too much instead of becoming really good at something, so I’ve been trying to focus mainly on frontend skills. Unluckily, as there are no more free courses to keep developing my knowledge there I guess I feel quite bored while doing so, while learning python or something else feels more attractive due to the inminent certificates. Maybe I’m all about showing off idk.

Hope you can provide me with some recommendations or insights on what would be best to do next, I appreciate your time!

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There are free courses on edX site like CS50W
If you haven’t done the front end libraries on fCC you should definitely try those.

I am finishing front-end libraies soon.

Here is what I will do:

  1. Build a portfolio. Just a carcass first, but it should be decent

  2. For the above - do a bunch of research, gather some ideas how ‘decent’ portfolio should look like. Same work should be done for resumes(as far as resumes goes- maybe need kinda bunch of them)

  3. Start building projects to fill project tiles in portfolio. Kinda already building couple of things.

  4. Now, even without portfolio - start applying for some stuff like internship, and maybe IT vacancies not related to coding (tech support and stuff) - already doing that actually. Couple of hours ago I applied for some internship btw.

  5. Study job market in order to get a sense what actual techs to study. For now I consider things to study(be aware I am building the list below based on job market in my locale):

  • React for sure - the more - the better, most popular thing.
  • Also Redux, same story
  • some database - for now not sure which one - need more research
  • Typescript
  • at least one CSS preprocessor -for now I am seeing bootstrap little more often in job vacancies than SASS or LESS
  1. Seek opportunities to contribute to open source. Hacktoberfest should be handy for that, good timing lol.

  2. Try to have a plan always, but also be agile: I am still super incompetent, so it is possible I will change directions often in the near future.

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Looks sweet, I’ll put it my to-do list!!

Thanks men, It really helps me to have a plan layed out.

  1. Portfolio research gets me really stresses, there is so much to cover and I want it to be perfect, guess I should lower my standards and get something started. I’ll surely see to it.
  2. Regarding projects, you doing things apart from those in fcc?
  3. Men, I’d love to be applying for some stuff, but I’m currently working and in the middle of some formalities, so unluckily not an option. Have you got any creditable experience? I get really intimidated and discouraged bc I’ve got none.
  4. I’ve got a glimpse on how things are here (Spain) but I will surely make a more in depth research.
  5. Opensource has always really interested me, but I guesses that with my current abilities I would help no one, you think its possible?
  6. Love plans, stress a lot while doing them. Rn I’m in the laying of a new one, you’ve really helped me men, love you :heart:

I think this is dangerous way of thinking. Perfectionism will lead to situation where you will never actually start to build it.
Look at… I don’t know… gamedev. Fisrt versions of video games are full of bugs often. And it is done by professional devs and they are making bunch of money from it. So just start building stuff. Then get feedback… then refactor it.

Just started couple of things on my own plus contributing on open source a little bit. General direction - less tutorials, more building. But for now still need bunch of tutorials.

nope. I have unfinished degree related to coding but it is an old story, I do not consider it relevant.

well, maybe you can not contribute to react or vscode repositories for now. But there are many beginner-friendly projects, consider do research about that also.

Totally agree, I’ll try to shake it off my system gradually.


I’ve got a similar one man, I’d like to hear it some time.

Will be looking out for these, thanks a lot!!


you say you want to focus on frontend? Add an animation library to your skillset and learn how to animate UIs. You can add much value to your projects and to your own portfolio site.

I’m using Framer Motion and can’t recommend it enough. FM lets you, for example, animate elements that you scroll by with just a few lines, it’s phenomenal.

For more projects look at current web design trends and make landing pages based on that. As a frontend developer you will bring those designs to life without melting the clients’ CPUs.

That’s where I’m aiming rn! Thanks for the advice I’ll be diving into it

The backend courses on fcc are worth doing. As a frontend developer you don’t need to be a backend expert but you should know basic backend i.e. how to write a REST API and consume it on the frontend. It also gives you the ability to build more interesting projects.

Relational Databases and Backend Development and APIs are very good courses and worth doing. Data Visualisation is probably the least important certificate.

Employers will appreciate that you have backend knowledge even if you’re interviewing for a frontend job.


Hello @yunsuklee,

I saw your post and I could relate to it. I am looking to switch careers and currently completing the FCC courses for front-end certifications. I have prior basic knowledge in HTML, CSS and JavaScript but it’s been over 3 years that I have learnt them, and I am doing the certifications to refresh my knowledge and give me an edge while applying for jobs.

From my experience, learning to code just by watching videos or learning isn’t good enough, you need to practice implementing the concepts by coding. The courses at FCC are designed perfectly for this and I really enjoy finishing the course, gives you a sense of accomplishment.

I am currently learning react and I have finished the front-end libraries course on FCC. Now, I am following React lectures from CodeWithMosh.com, it is a paid subscription, but I would recommend taking a look. In these lectures the tutor, Mosh, explains concepts of react by building a responsive website and I am building this website as I follow the lectures. I feel like I understand the concepts in-depth while learning their practical use cases. Also, if you are struggling with your initial project the website will be a good start. You will also get a certification for completing the course.

Even if not this course in particular, I believe there are a lot of other videos on YouTube that teach in a similar structure.

Hope this helps.

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Thanks Mike!! Its truly useful.

Its good to know I’m not alone :sweat_smile:
Seems I’m gonna be focusing on adding better and more complex react projects in paralell of keeping with the fcc courses, expecting that certificates really keeps me going. I’ll be checking all the material I’ve got from this post to see where to start, thanks man!!

If the achievements aspect help you as they do myself, I would recommend if you are not already doing so, try CodeWars as you progress through the ranks and it also gives that same sense of accomplishment when you are ranking up. Cheers and best of luck with the journey

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IMO try to have a project, and learn what is required to finish it. Then you will have the necessary knowledge to build a website from scratch and get hired.
It is what I did, I ve chosen to build a full-stack ecommerce website, and got hired.

About the learning paths, I would focus only on React + Node.js, IMO fastest way to get shit done.
(if your obj is to get hired quickly, not sure why you would learn 2 lang instead of one, why jQuery as it is deprecated, and why do data visualization stuff as there is chart libraries for React)

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