What to do next?

I have finished all of the courses up to the Quality Assurance course in freecodecamp and I am trying to figure out what to do next. I am not sure it makes sense for me to learn Python right now and may take a React course somewhere that teaches the newer React that learns hooks then start building some projects. If anyone has some advise let me know.

Learning React (or any framework really) is a good idea as the next step.

A bit of plain JS with some DOM manipulation wouldn’t be a bad idea as well for some more foundational knowledge.

I would also advise you not to get stuck doing tutorials and predefined projects with ready-made requirements (e.g. the curriculum) but create your own projects from scratch. Even simple projects will present new challenges and learning opportunities.

Is there another framework besides react that would be better to learn? I figured I would learn the newer version because I have used it before and also eventually I might like to learn React Native. I have a JavaScript book that I have been using throughout this course so I feel like I understand core javascript pretty well; but I haven’t done much using client side javascript. Do you know of any online courses that teach either well? Also yeah I want to start some personal projects but feel I should maybe learn a bit more first. Also I have to think up a project to do.

What kind of role are you looking to apply for ?

I suggest first do some homework about types of jobs available in your city or city you wish to move to.

Learn about the job profile through YT videos and once you finalize then choose the course accordingly ( YT, Udemy etc ). But only doing course is 10% job done, remaining 90% is building projects daily basis till you feel confident enough to start applying.

All the very best.

my real goal is actually to be a digital nomad so whatever can get me there

Better how?

React is a pretty safe bet job wise but if you want to work with the framework you enjoy working with, then you have to know about it first, and then you have to pick that one as a preference for your own enjoyment/productivity.

It doesn’t really matter what framework you start with, picking React as the first one to learn isn’t right or wrong, it just is. You will always have to readjust your mental model when switching between frameworks.

Knowing any framework, just like any programming language, lets you switch to a different one quicker. That is why I say you can start with any framework. Start with Vue or Svelte and move to React, or vice versa. It doesn’t really matter.


Ok I’ll probably try React for now because I already know it a little bit. Does anyone know a good place to learn client side javascript? I want to become more familiar with it before starting personal projects.

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