Direction advice?

Hey, I have been learning web dev for about a year now. I have done most but not all freecodecamp challenges, made some side projects and recently finished my portfolio. Ultimately my goal is to land a frontend dev job but I’m not in the hurry, would like to learn more. I considered looking into open source contribution, going through google codelabs and making more sideprojects of my own. What would you guys advise to do next?

Just keep learning, learning, learning. There are many directions you can go. Do you know React? (Or Angular or Vue?) Have you mastered D3? Webpack? There are countless directions. A old forum guy [EDIT: Oops, as @bnoden pointed out, p1xt was less of a “guy” and more of a “gal”] made some study guides. They are not the only paths, but they are good ones. Just keep studying and learning. Keep building things.


How about making something yourself? Sign up for some interesting APIs and make something useful with them.

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