What should i learn next?

What should i learn next if i want to try to do some freelancing as a front end dev? I would like to find a good “niche” and get really good at that. Currently im jumping back and fourth between stuffs so i feel kinda stuck…

I have done a few mockups to html/css and i know the basics of js so far.

That’s a pretty open-ended question with lots of answers. Off the top of my head, I’d suggest learning a front-end toolkit like React, Angular, or Vue. When you’re reasonably comfortable with those, pick up a state management library like Redux for React, or Vuex for Vue (Angular already comes with a similar thing). Do make sure you install the browser dev tools for whichever toolkit you use, as it makes debugging such apps much easier.

Okey so react is like the standard nowadays? or do people use pure html/css and vanilla js aswell?

If you’re just tossing up a bunch of mostly static webpages, jQuery and vanilla JS are still pretty popular, but React, Angular, and Vue are pretty much standard for any serious web app doing a lot of DOM manipulation. They’re not only easier to work with in the long run (or even the short) they’re a lot faster than banging on the DOM by hand.

Also, I’d suggest learning one or more of Webpack, Rollup, and/or Parcel.
Webpack is definitely the leader in this area, and while it can be intimidating to configure, it’s well worth the time investment.

Alright i see! Then i will continue with js abit more and then start with react :smirk: thanks alot for your input, much appreciated!