Vue.js - freeCodeCamp curriculum

Yo guys!

Just wanted to ask, will Vue.js ever will be added to the freeCodeCamp curriculum? This framework getting more popular, and should be added imho.

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Ever? Maybe. Soon? No.

i learned react with fcc. redux, all that stuff. a nice route.

then, i saw a vue / vuex / nuxt job. (vuex is like redux) (nuxt is like next.js for react)
had to learn all this in 3 days, and got the job.

what i wanna say is: if you know react, its just a lil sidestep to vue. it doesnt matter much. there’s just bits of other syntax and stuff, but the main thing stays the same.

Probably not soon as there are no beta project for that or anything right now so I think it will take much longer.

From what I hear, vue.js is pretty easy and popular so you will find tutorials quickly I guess.