Alpha of freeCodeCamp's React + Redux challenges is now live

Our long-awaited React + Redux challenges are now live in an early alpha form.

@bonham000 and @no-stack-dub-sack have implemented the full React curriculum on a separate web app, where you can work through them here.

If you have feedback on these, you can open an issue (or a pull request) directly on their repo.

If you have more general feedback on these challenges, you can reply directly to this thread.

Once enough people have worked through these and we’ve fixed copy and challenge design issues, we will port these over to Free Code Camp and make them available in our core curriculum as part of our forthcoming curriculum expansion.

Hats off to @bonham000, @no-stack-dub-sack, and everyone who helped brainstormed challenge ideas on these GitHub issues. And a huge thanks to everyone here who takes the time to work through these and share their feedback :slight_smile:

Happy coding!


Woooo!!! Thanks Quincy!

Awesome!! Looking forward doing the challenge!!

I was just thinking the other day that @bonham000 has been quiet recently! Glad to see he’s still around and cranking out the goods :slight_smile:


I’ve been working through editing the text and expanding the examples for React. There are over 50 challenges! I’ve made it through the first 9 so far. I should have time to look at it more this evening.

If anything at all doesn’t make sense or the challenge progression seems off, post about it so it can be improved!


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How close are the d3 challenges?

First thing I noticed is press Cmd-Enter to run. How about non-Mac users? Ctrl-Enter doesn’t work :unamused:


The path looks really thought out, awesome job guys!

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… And in the end I just went ahead and added non-Mac test keys: try Ctrl + Enter for running tests. I hope this is better!

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Where can we provide specific feedback? Is this thread the best place for it, or is there some other place we can make note of suggestions for improvement, typos etc.?

I have noticed one small issue - on the challenge “Add Comments in JSX” - the instructions read “Add a comment after the h1.” However, that breaks he 4th test (“The div contains an p tag as the second element.”)


See this to submit feedback — basically we’re just creating Issues on the GitHub repo for anything that comes up.

Also, try refreshing the page that challenge has since been updated.

Thanks! I see the update!

This is amazing work and well put together! So far above and beyond, can’t wait to see it in the map!

For some reasons this won’t let me pass the test.

Is something wrong with my code? I looked at it several times. :thinking:

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Nice nope that’s not supposed to happen. I’m working on fixing it now and should have it updated momentarily. Meanwhile it may pass correctly if you refresh the page and go straight to that challenge and try again. Thanks for catching that!

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Cmd-Enter works on Mac.

@bonham000 fixed it, so it works on win/linux also.

Great work. From things that might be improved:

  1. It’s impossible/hard to navigate with keyboard only. I mean eg. reaching the buttons by TAB.
  2. Because the live preview is above the code sometimes it’s harder to follow what’s going on than if it was next to the preview.
    For instance in challenges like React 06 when you introduce the correct solution, the image displays properly and a the screen scrolls on its own. UX issue.

Good finds!

I think when this process is done the challenges will be integrated into the fCC course software itself.

You’re right and although that’s the only challenge that loads a huge image like that as per @jboxman’s comment below I think it’s ok to disregard some UX about this at the moment. May be a good idea to add some styles to that image so it doesn’t load huge though.