We've rolled back to the non-single page app version of freecodecamp.com

Thanks everyone for your patience today.

We pushed several months worth of changes to production all at once late last night. This included a full React-ification of our challenge framework and other improvements to our user interface such as toasts instead of modals.

We pushed these changes on a Friday (our lowest-traffic day) without announcing them beforehand because we didn’t want a huge influx of people. And since the changes were mostly invisible, we didn’t think many people would notice them.

Long story short, even though we’d tested these on beta, the ~20,000 campers who use FCC each day quickly discovered many bugs that we had not anticipated. We knew there would be bugs (there are always bugs) and we quickly got to work fixing them, but we underestimated their seriousness.

In hindsight, we should have rolled back this morning.

So again, thank you for your patience with the buggy challenges earlier today.

Also, you may be wondering about new challenges our community is building. These are under heavy development and are still on track for a September release. Virtually all of these hundreds of new challenges will be optional, and almost all of the challenges you’re working through now will remain in the expanded curriculum.

I’m happy to answer any questions you all have about this right here on this thread.

Have a beautiful weekend, and happy coding!


Hello Quincy,.

Thank you for this information and have a nice weekend too!


(The community see everything :wink: )


Great news, thanks for the info. I just bought a six pack of Lucozade (which you probably call Gatorade) and plan to spend all day coding :slight_smile:


That’s cool and all, the rollback. But I just lost several hours work (most of the intermediate algorithms section). Any chance of recovery?

Thank for the information

Hello, Quincy! We’re cool, don’t worry. Actually, we’re GRATEFUL and I personally can’t believe how much work all of you are putting into this. I was up at 8 am (Argentina time) and you were working on putting up the challenges in San Francisco (Imma right?), which was like 4 am. Crazy. We’re so grateful for the great work and effort the FCC team are putting into this.


Thanks for the github links. Sorry for resurrecting the other thread earlier, I’m new to the forum and I didn’t notice how old it was.

I’m having issues with the slot machine challenge (my code is correct but it t fails one of the tests) and I just tried submitting my wikipedia API challenge, and even though it redirected me to the next challenge, it doesn’t show up as completed on the map.

We’ve removed these slot machine challenges - they were included accidentally. You can just keep moving forward.

These issues should now be fixed as well. The empty lines issue will work itself out once we deploy beta again (hopefully next week).

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I’ve been following here and on GitHub (to the extent that I can), but I haven’t found anything definitive - are y’all still holding off on deploying the new stuff?

Yes - we want to be careful about introducing this. We are making steady progress toward launching this again - this time with far fewer bugs (though, as any developer will tell you, there are always bugs hidden in any app).