Free code camp changed its layout? Map gone? I'm lost

Went back to fcc and found that I was logged out. Tried to log back in and it shows a different sign in requiring me to give my email.

After logging in, I find the layout changed, and the map gone. I have been working on Javascript course and am on the last item (Simon Game) before actually getting the cert!!

How do I get back the work that I have done for the past year? !


Same problem.

I have completed 221 problems but when I came to fcc and clicked on “Go to my next challenge” it just took me to the first basic HTML course “Hello World!”.This is just crazy.I can’t find where I stopped.Please help me if you find out.


I have exactly the same problem.

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i’ve the same problem and on the last item too.

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I the same problem and I’m confused…:confused:

I’m also having this problem - I know there is a legacy stream and a new stream, but I’m almost finished the legacy stream. I wonder where this leaves us?

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It’s not what it was before, but the certification seems to have been split up into different certifications.

After logging in, click on your avatar on the top right corner, it will show you “Account Settings for {your name]”.
Keep scrolling past Privacy Settings, Email Settings … till you get to “Certification Settings”

From there you can see all the asterisked (*) projects from before the map went missing that was required to get the certification. … and they’ve been split up into different certifications :frowning:

For instance, under Responsive Web Design Projects, I had completed two which was a tribute page and personal portfolio. Now there are 3 new ones which are required to be completed to get Responsive Web Design Projects cert.

I’m not sure if showing a potential employer all these certs as opposed to one is going to confuse them or not.


the site seemed to be redesigned… and it is kind of weird or something hasnt been polished enough…


i’ve founded here the “Legacy Certification Settings” where we can claim our old certification !

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Honestly, this whole new design kinda sucks. The “View Curriculum” system is not as easy and fluid as the Map.
I don’t know whose idea this was, but I hope this is just a work in progress.
Happy coding, people!


Ok, I’m looking through it a bit more, and I will stand by my statement about the design, but there is a whole load of new content and challenges. So I guess I shouldn’t be too hard on them :wink:
Just need to find a Dark Mode now and they will be absolved of their design sins…

i can’t sign in, it says error 404 why is that?

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Hi, I’m new to Free Code Camp. Having trouble. when I long in come to the Welcome Camper page. I then click " Go to Next coding challenge. then the page loads and goes blank. please if someone could help. I would be very grateful.:slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:

I think we just have to be patient. I hope they will make it fully working soon

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if you are trying to access via[your user name], you will probably end up with a 404.

Go to the main page and click on Sign in at the top right. It now requires you to enter your email regardless of whether you are signing up or in. Once you submit your email, they will send you a code via that email which you will use to log in.

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refresh the page? If that doesn’t work, I have no clue.

I usually go back to my previous codes and use it to keep up with new things I’ve learned. Now it’s all gone. :frowning:

I was just about to start Javascript section, now I’m completely lost. A quick glance at the new curriculum and the first two sections look a bit different from the original map for HTML and CSS.

Same problem for me. The new layout is simply awful. I’m new to FCC and had got through about 80 challenges in a couple of days. Now the new layout it so offputting, which is annoying as I don’t want to stop using the site. It’s a fantastic resource. Just please revert back to the old layout!