Legacy vs new log in

so i havent signed in in a while to FCC and just tried, it seems to be all over the map
some progress is there and some isnt
if i click on learn it takes me to hello world
any help would be appreciated

I’m having the same issue, but I was online just yesterday. My progress is all out of wack and I don’t know which order to follow the curriculum.

All of your previous solutions are still associated with your account. There have been a lot of new challenges added, so you may see challenges from earlier parts of the curriculum that you haven’t done. It is up to you whether you want to do those or not. I believe that all required challenges are now categorized in the “projects” sections.

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Thank you for your response, I realize what you just explained…of course I have to go back and complete the newly added changes…it’s only right! :):grinning:

Hey guys, I’m unable to continue where I left from. I signed in at freecodecamp and I can see the welcome message with my name. But when I click on “Got to my next coding challenge” or “Learn” , it takes me to https://learn.freecodecamp.org/ or “Basic HTML and HTML5 - Say Hello to HTML Elements” challenge and in both instances, i’m signed out. When I then try to sign in. I takes me back to freecodecamp and i’m signed in again.

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There appears to be a specific issue with "Say Hello to HTML Elements” not getting marked as complete. You can use “Explore the curriculum” to see the map, or you can find the challenge you’re looking for with the search field.

I have also same problem :frowning:

No that’s not the issue, i’m being signed out when I try to go to the lessons. So when I do click “Explore the curriculum” it’s all blank, because i’m not singed in anymore…

Where is my curriculum??? I feel confused

Here is a picture of me signed in just fine, you can see i’m at the free code camp domain at the top.

But as soon as I try to go to my curriculum by clicking on learn for example. I’m signed out. You can see it saying Login in the top right corner at this point. Also at this point. I’m at learn.freecodeamp instead of just freecodecamp.

If you haven’t done a hard refresh, try that. You’ll probably have to log in again. If you’re still having this problem, you can create a detailed GitHub Issue as this appears to be a behavior problem rather than a problem with your account.

The FCC enhancements are actually much better than the previous version…there’s much more content in the curriculum.

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