Not able to understand the map after site went down today

After the site was down for maintenance for a long time I noticed now that the MAP is gone and everything is confusing.
I’m not able to track down my progress anymore now and it seems all my saved data is lost.

Kindly revert back to the original format the site used to have ASAP!!!

Otherwise people are having a lot of problem.

I too seem to have lost my progress.

There also seems to be an issue with the general operation of the site with repeated sign in requests and only being able to log in with a code sent via email.




Whatever it is I just hope all our progresses are safe and not reset by them.

Thank you @ArielLeslie

Oh Thanks for the information @ArielLeslie

As I understand it, passwords are gone for good and the only way to login now is through a code from our email.

Here is @QuincyLarson’s article about going password-less: 360 million reasons to destroy all passwords.

It is safe i notice it said I have done some on the main page (like 49 out of 300k)but it is an error on the curriculum not showing progress. I imagine they will fix it and do another reset tomorrow or some other time.

Looks like all my progress is still there and the MAP has been moved to the “View the Curriculum” button on the top left