FCC Maintenance


I was away for about two weeks and wasn’t following the recent events with FCC. I was going to resume my coding and I see that FCC is down and their twitter mentions something about “Database Migration”

Is their beta going live now and all our courses would be auto-migrated?

Any insight on this would be appreciated much!


They’re in the process of pushing a ton of new features into production. Your FCC account will still have all of your saved solutions, certificates, brownie points, etc.

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Wonderful, thanks for your response.

Can’t wait to access the new features!!!

I’ve read pages of posts about learn/beta and even experimented with it.

It was clear to me that progress would be saved and that we could still go for the old certs.

The other way are all the solutions imported to live migration and plugged into apply for the new atomized mini certs.

Put another way, could one go for the old certs and new ones.

I believe that if you already had the old certificates, then they will still be on your account, but the certificates that you’ll be able to claim are the 6 certificates in the new curriculum.

Most questions about the beta can be answered in this thread. If you have any other questions, please try searching the forum.

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Hi. I still don’t have my data, I was almost done with the front end session . Now is everything at 0. I hope it’ll get fix soon.

Since the update, the website is all askew on mobile devices…anyone else have this issue?

Seems it was a major update, the problem is it shows I have completed 257 challenges, but when I click on “Go to my next coding challenge” it starts over again. Where can I find the map now? Or how can I continue where I left. Thanks in advance.


have the same problem right now
After login in I get the overview and it shows that I have already completed
108 challenges, but as soon as I try to look at my challenges, they are all unmarked.
“Go to my next challenge” leads to the first HTML Challenge.
Guess the data isn´t fully migrated, yet.

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I’m in the same boat. I’m hopeful they will populate the data for those of us that have been working on the old challenges for some time now.

Mine too sadly CrazySession

My progress was also lost. It will gone come back to normal?

The reason click in “Go to my next challenge” and shows the 1st HTML challenge is because the site doesn’t keep the session. It enables the option to login again. Hope they fix this soon.

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same issue, at initial it shows 257 but when i click on go to next challenge all my data is lost and starts from 1

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FCC is in the middle of a giant migration. It may not be ready yet. Hold on to your butts for a bit. There will be a big exciting update when everything is ready.



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I only joined a few days ago and have been steadily making progress. I just submitted the Portfolio option.

I might have held off if I knew they were going to be changing so many things up within just a short time of my starting.

So we can no longer attempt to get the “Legacy” Front End Cert?

Fair enough, to my butt I shall hold on patiently! It’s a great free platform, and I thank FCC for all they’ve done for us!! :joy:

hope they just do it fast…waiting:face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Which beta version everyone is talking about?