Quick update on FCC's upcoming challenges

Several dozen campers and I are working on a significant expansion to our challenges.

We were hoping to finish this by September 1, but we’re not quite there yet. So I am pushing the expected launch date back to September 16.

You can view the entire expanded curriculum and track our progress on it here.

We have a ton of new features on beta.freecodecamp.com, and we may have some of the new challenges live there early next week, too.

Thanks for your patience and - if time permits - help QA’ing everything :slight_smile:

In the meantime, happy coding!


awesome. Keep pushing .

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That revamped JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures track is looking pretty amazing. I’m also not in love with learnyounode, so it’ll be exciting to see what you guys are coming up with!

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Seems pretty great! Can’t wait for the update


If I read it correctly no more React is needed. Welcome Angular or Vue.js or any other framework

WOW, looks like a lot of cool stuff!

Is there a post about how this affects the certifications?

Can’t wait! I had gone straight over the Data Visualization section and straight into the backend after my front end certificate, because of the ‘coming soon’ sections, but now I’m looking forward to going back! I’m curious to check out the changes to the front end too.
Will we have to re-submit any of the challenges we’ve already completed for any reason, or submit new ones that didn’t previously exist?

@slocodemonkey Almost 100% of these new challenges are optional, and even though we’re changing a few projects, we will accept completion of the handful of old projects we’re replacing as a substitute for completing these new ones.

We’ll formalize any changes to certifications, but regardless of what happens, you’ll keep any certifications you’ve already earned.


Almost all the challenges you’ve already completed will remain in the curriculum, and you shouldn’t need to resubmit them.


Great job :smile:
looks like FCC will cover everything
can’t wait to see the new FCC

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Awesome, thanks for the update! Bring on the challenges!

When will the new curriculum changes be added to the map? Is angularJs in the horizon or being talked about of being added to the curriculum in the near future?


I am kinda worried about this.

I am almost done with all the projects.

I have finished my front-end and back-end certifications and I just need 2 react projects and 2 data viz projects so I can move ahead to the non-profit part of the program.

It actually feels that there will be less projects now ? or am I wrong?When can we expect to have a formal update on what exactly we will need to complete?

But in general I feel that the new curriculum will be very strong and much more on point. Keep up the great work!

Yeah I got that but some of new things are mixed with the old ones and I am not really sure how the certificates will be split now and in what category I fall in.
Front End Frameworks Projects (required - can now be completed with any tools): :+1:
Random Quote Machine :+1:
JavaScript Calculator :+1:
Pomodoro Clock :+1:
Recipe Box :+1:
Conway’s Game of Life :+1:

This one is a mix of the previous react project and part of the front -end certificate which so I believe it is valid to wonder how things will play out.

In any case I think we ll just have to wait and see how things go.:grin:

In the meantime I will be finishing the last two d3 projects which seem to remain unchanged :smiley: Thanks for your reply mate!

What will this mean for people currently making progress through a certification? Do we need to make the extra projects?

I am just missing the advanced front end projects for the front end certificate. I am currently working on the JavaScript calculator. I am worried that with these changes I need to make a bunch of other projects and then when I’m about to finish those there will be a new curriculum update and I’ll never be able to catch up :slight_smile:

This is what Github says:

Note: Simon, Tic Tac Toe, Twitch, Wikipedia Viewer, Local Weather, Roguelike Dungeon Crawler, Markdown Previewer and Camper Leaderboard will become just some of many bonus practice projects.

Also there are a few extra projects (simple bootstrap, which should be easy) and react seems to be part of the front end as well.

I suppose you will have to complete everything to get your certification. So it will take you a bit longer to complete the front end. But, looking at the time it took to make these changes, I think it is very unlikely that you will not complete it before any other possible changes in FCC.

Any updates on this ?

Yes - you can track our rapid progress here: https://github.com/FreeCodeCamp/CurriculumExpansion/issues/46

We may launch these challenges as early as the end of September, but want to err on the side of caution, since they’re big changes.