Revert back to old Site?

How do I go back to the old site. This design is horrible. I finally took it upon myself to dive into front-end tech, but now I’ve lost the will to continue at FCC. Quincy you are a great person with a very meaningful platform, but please will there be any chance of reverting back to the simple interface that has helped teach many FCC coders?



The Free Code Camp platform has been upated and you cannot un-update it. FCC is open sourced, so you can fork the repository and run your own version with whatever changes you want. I know that all the changes are a shock at first, but they were made to improve overall usability. You can tweak the way the challenges display to give you more or less space on your screen for instructions, editor, console, and tests. Removing the map is probably the biggest adjustment, but hopefully the “View the curriculum” button and the search bar make up for that.

Yea I also think that it is a little less user friendly at first but there are SO MANY more challenges which I think in the end will produce more well-rounded developers. You win and you lose some :confused: Only thing I would really like is to switch the editor back to the old look like in sublime, or give it a way to switch to “night mode” I usually do not like all white editors.


There will be a night mode. It just hasn’t been implemented yet.


Will the output(app) space have more height like the first one? This new site doesn’t allow for the phone height to be independent away from the code. Its almost cornered onto the side.

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The challenges are broken into 4 areas. The bars separating them can be dragged to resize those areas.

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Will the compiler be able to be dark again? And will the map (soft-eng) be able to display hrs to complete again? I do apologize for the rude remarks earlier. The sudden change to the website layout really caught me off guard. Please do accept my apologies.

They are planning to implement the dark theme again. I don’t know if they are going to do the hour estimates again. Maybe they were so arbitrary that they were considered more confusing than helpful.

This was The Big Update to get the new curriculum available to users as soon as possible. There will follow several smaller updates to improve the UI.

I know it’s all a bit of a shock to the system, but I promise that it’s all going to be ok. :smiley:

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Hi, I was about to finish the curriculum (was just having trouble with the tic tac toe game) when the site was switched and now the site is asking me to complete a lot of other tasks (some of which I had already completed before), would I need to re- do everything? It has been almost 2 years of constantly putting in time so it would be kind of demoralising to start from scratch.

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You don’t need to redo anything. You can claim legacy certificates with only the legacy projects. You can claim new certificates with only those associated projects. You can do everything or nothing.

Ok great! So how may I claim a legacy certificate? And if so where may I send the remaining project/projects?

There are 3 legacy certificates and 6 new ones. You submit the project links on your settings page.

Ok, found it, thank you Leslie. Will finish it within the next couple of days and keep you up to date.

Happy coding.

It’s crazy that they are training so many people on front-end, so what is with this crappy new design?

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@ArielLeslie Will they be including the ‘Hints’ again at some point? I’m stuck, but I don’t want to post unnecessary questions if they are returning. I’m pretty stumped without them :sweat:

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I don’t know if they’re putting that (or something similar) in. The hints just took you directly to a forum thread for the challenge. You can still find those posts here. The search functionality in the forum is really good. A lot of the time you’ll probably find even better help in search results that are other campers asking for and giving help. is also very helpful and getting better.

I found that if you search for the title of the lesson you can still find the Hints. Such as
You can also find them in the forum.

But I agree it is better if we could get to those hints by just clicking a link… also, new campers may not know these helpful hints even exist.

Haven’t had a proper play around yet, but very annoyed the map is gone. Curriculum just doesn’t do it for me. You have to go look for where you are - the map collapsed everything you had completed - and I liked how I could always keep track of my progress. As a UX designer I must say I’m very disappointed. I’m sure there are great new features somewhere (?) but it’s very unfortunate when new designs are worse than the earlier versions. Was this even tested with users?

The FCC team made the decision to push one big update that included the changes to the curriculum as well as the completely new implementation of application. There is still a lot of work that is being done to improve the UI, but they decided to get the curriculum out into the hands of campers as soon as it was ready. In the couple weeks since the migration, many UI improvements have already rolled out. Because these changes can be released without impacting core functionality, expect to see a lot of incremental improvements to the UI rolling out steadily.

For over a year in a public Beta.