Is FCC broken or is this just the new layout?

I’ve just come back to FreeCodeCamp to refresh my web dev knowledge after a year of not touching any code. Upon returning, I can see that the layout appears to have changed - now the instructions are mixed in with the code, instead of being in their own panel, which is extremely annoying and unnecessary, forcing me to scroll a lot more than I otherwise would. It looks like it might be a bug, I mean surely there’s no way they would have done this deliberately:

This is done deliberately, yes. Doing steps in a project this allow the editor to focus on a specific section of code between hundreds of lines.

You can submit your feedback opening an issue in github

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Ahh right, thanks. Is there no way to revert back to the OG layout?

No, it is not compatible with the old layout. Please leave a feedback, it’s the best way

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Alright I’m doing that now, thanks for answering anyway.