Layout completely changed overnight

So, I’ve only been using FCC for a couple of days but have got through several challenges. I am used to seeing the layout look like a very simple screen, with the task on the left hand side, a black pane to code in in the middle, and the output of the code shown on a phone screen.

However, when I signed in yesterday I am getting this:

I much preferred the previous layout, as with the new one the app is not shown on a phone screen, there is no ask for hint button, and I can’t see my progress in the top right of the screen anymore?

I haven’t changed browsers or anything like that so was wondering if the layout is now supposed to be like this? The previous one was far superior imho.


Yes, the layout is supposed to look as it does in your screenshot, as FreeCodeCamp just launched a redesign of their site.

When you logged in, there was a link to this post about the update that happened yesterday:

Before this update I had used freecodecamp for over 2 month!
I really enjoyed the previous layout !!!
I would really appreciate if you could change it to previous design!
Because this updates does not work on my laptop .
I cannot do anything because run the test button changes nothing
Thank you

Nice browser theme there!