Need some urgent advice

hey guys
i have been a searching for a way to start in the development path
and i was searching for the right way to start
so i decided to start with html and css
and i was wondering if i had to start with data structure and algorithm instead
for a better fondation to my journy
and i am asking for your advise on the matter
best wiches

HI @elmokhtarelmalihi !

If you want to become a web developer then you need to learn the three core languages of the web which are html, css, and javascript.
So starting with html and css and fine.
Then you can move to javascript which is where you will learn the basics of javascript, programming and data structures and algorithms.

Use fcc as a guide, build your own projects along the way, build up a network of developers and become active in the developer community.
Then after you have built up a good foundation and built personal projects start applying for jobs.

Don’t fall into the trap of trying to find the right way to start.
Just start.

Keep learning, building and growing.

Hope that helps!


I would highly recommend just going through the FreeCodeCamp course from the beginning.

A solid understand of HTML and CSS is essential for Front End Development, and it will only make learning the JavaScript parts that bit easier.

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STEP 1: Learn HTML & CSS
STEP 2: Build atleast 10 projects without looking at solution / YT videos
STEP 3: Learn JS and repeat STEP 2
STEP 4: Learn FE framework like React and repeat STEP 2

As per my understanding if you wish to join one of FAANG then you will need to concentrate on DS and Algorithm.

Anyways you can check JD and prepare accordingly



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