How do I begin?

Hi, I am a 37 year old boilermaker/welder wanting a drastic career change, my body cant take the hard labour any longer.

I’m looking at coding - web development as I enjoyed playing around with computers when I was younger and learnt a little a few years ago to make a quality of life discord bot to help myself and some friends…

I have since forgotten everything I learnt and know literally nothing. Where do I start?? I looked at some courses on here but it seems to look like I should know a little html and CSS?

I been talking to a few people on reddit and listened to a few podcasts and I would really like to learn JavaScript, I just have no idea how to kick this into motion.

Sorry I can see this question has been asked multiple times before. i was worried there might have been outdated information in other replies.

Any help is hugely appreciated.

The freecodecamp curriculum is always a good place:

Thanks for your help!

css and html aren’t meant to be full on programming languages, they are only for styling and text. you won’t have to worry about them for now, you would only need to know how to insert text.
anyway, freecodecamp is really great if you put effort into it. it can help you start a career if you don’t want to go to college and get a computer science degree.
hopefully i helped you, and good luck

p.s: paid courses over the internet are the same quality as freecodecamp, so don’t look into them if you already have one free

I started through the curriculum on freecodecanp last night. First project is html.

I was hoping to just concentrate on JavaScript as that is what most the advice I had been given was just to learn the fundamentals of js before bothering with html and css, to save confusing myself I guess.

I’ll stick with it though. It’s obviously a tried and tested method of learning.

Thanks for your help.

This might not be the best advice. I think it is probably better to have a solid understanding of HTML/CSS first before jumping into JS. Or, you could potentially learn them at the same time, but since you are starting from scratch you might want to just concentrate on one thing at a time. But the basic building blocks of the web are HTML, with CSS added to make it look pretty, so you definitely need to know these two. JS is also important for adding functionality and any serious web developer will need to master it. But a lot of the stuff you will do with JS depends on your knowledge of HTML/CSS. So learn these two first.

Good to know! Thank you for the advice!

well, its nice to know how to implement buttons and such, so a little html is good. css is still for later tho

Why is it for later? I personally believe that styling is important.

Hey man.
I am a landscaper who started the courses in December. I only knew how to turn on a computer. Take it slow and i would certainly recommend doing html css first as its part of every other section.

Dont wworry about needing to progress fast, just worry about understanding everything. It will move faster than you think and soon you wont believe what you will be typing.

Good luck and stay with it

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