I want to ask all of members of freecodecamp a question, please?

I want to start programming but i don’t knowledge about it! so i wanna ask all of you to give ma suggestion about programming language, your experience, your mistake and things to do broadly,please lend me some of your precious time…
Thank You For Your Time!

If you want to start programming for the web (web development) the FreeCodeCamp curriculum is a good place where to start

That would be html, css and JavaScript

But you have to decide what language you want to learn, there are too many

Other than that, your question is so broad that it is not easy to answer

As Leahleen said its a broad question as it depends on what you want to do but I personally want to look at front end development. Ive started off with the curriculum on FreeCodeCamp. Ive watched a lot of youtube videos on HTML, CSS and Javascript. Ive also used Udemy as well :slight_smile:

I would suggest just starting somewhere. There is no “right” answer because we don’t know where you’ll want to end up. Just learn. Pick a language and start learning and building things. FCC teaches web development which is a good place to start. Just learn and build and make mistakes and learn and build.