Trying something new!

Hello everyone!
New to everything here. 0 knowledge about anything. i was just really interested in programming i feel like there’s a place for me here.
Long story short!
Covid hit. Life’s unfair but gotta keep trying
Im in the food industry for years now. but now the work is really hard here in the philippines. so a friend and my in-law suggested to try programming.
i tried starting today the curriculum here at freecodecamp with 0 knowledge but i do have interests on computers specially gaming(who isn’t) so im trying. am i doing anything wrong should i learn something first before i hit the curriculum this free camp offers? or should i still continue im actually clueless i need other people’s opinion

Thank you!


Hey @deancristobal!

Welcome to the forum!

I started about 5 months ago so I am not that much further along than you are now. I would suggest starting from the beginning of the curriculum. You will start with what is called html and then move to css. These two languages are called markup languages. You will learn how to add content and style to your webpage. At the end of this responsive design section there will be 5 projects to complete. Take your time, research, experiment, and don’t be afraid to ask questions. Remember that these projects do not need to be perfect. You are just starting out. Just make something that you are proud of. If you obsess about perfection you will never complete anything. The important part is to learn and grow.

The next step is JavaScript. This section will probably take you longer than the html and css section because this will be your first programming language. Remember that you are not only learning Javascript but also programming. Please take your time and not rush through the lessons. You are not expected to master everything or remember everything. There is way to much to remember. The goal is to have a basic understanding and move on from there. There will be plenty of chances to practice often to solidify your skills.

There is a lot of debate about what language to start with which in my opinion as a beginner can actually confuse and hurt a beginner because we don’t want to make the “wrong” choice. You probably heard things like:

“You should start with python because the syntax is so easy to pick up”
“No, you should learn JavaScript first and get started building web pages”
“No, you should learn C instead”

It is an endless debate. Honestly just focus on the basics. BASICS, BASICS, AND SOME MORE BASICS OF PROGRAMMING. (Hope that is clear :smiley:)

Just get started, take your time and remember that it is ok to struggle at times. When you need help turn to google, stackoverflow, MDN docs, W3 schools, CSS tricks, the forum, etc.

Good luck!

Happy coding!


Hello Dean !
This is a really good step by choosing programming because the whole world is working under programming and technology.
I was literally like you 0 knowledge and i start with the first step in freecodecamp about html and css and now i’m doing my 3rd project .
This place will always let you motivated to work .
There are a lot of moderators or beginners(like me) who could help you or give you hint when you’re stuck on something .
All i can say now is welcome and Good luck for this journey and never back down ! :smile: :raised_hands:


Quote of the day! :100:


@deancristobal Welcome to the FreeCodeCamp Forums! I started learning programming at the beginning of all of this Covid-19 stuff. About 8 months. I don’t code very much per day but I try and do at least one hour per day and I have found I have learned a lot even if it doesn’t feel like it.

The FreeCodeCamp curriculum is designed to be done in order. I would suggest starting from the top of the curriculum and working your way down it. The top of the curriculum starts from the very basics. You can start with 0 prior knowledge. The forums or the FreeCodeCamp Discord server are also a great place to be. People are always here trying to help you out. If you run into any roadbumps along the way make a post and someone will help you out. Good Luck on your coding journey! It is lots of fun! Happy Coding! :smile:

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good luck same here , i’ve start i think from a month … and i was very good … but i’ve stopped … but here i’m … i’ll start from today … from now … i’ll not wait no more … good luck … i wish you all the best :relaxed:

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thanks a lot … have a great day :relaxed: :relaxed:

@ProOverthinker9 Welcome to the FreeCodeCamp Forums! :smile:

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They say that the best time to plant a cherry tree is 25 years ago; the next-best time is right now.

Don’t plan to plant your programming tree, start working that soil and get your hands dirty!

Seriously, many of us have started with the best of intentions and let things get in the way. It often indicates that then wasn’t time. Maybe now is.

You got this! Call on us here if you need backup or motivating. We’ve been there.