I am Just Confused

I stumbled on FreeCodeCamp 7 months ago when I needed to make a website for myself. I vowed to learn coding so that I can make a website for myself and even customize it in future if any need arose. Friends, the first three months I taught myself HTML and CSS, when it came to doing projects, I really struggled to complete the projects but, luckily I was able to complete the Survey form and tribute page. I have been struggling to complete the remaining three, especially the portfolio which I really need to.
This May, I decided to start learning JavaScript with hope that I will still go back to the projects and complete them. I am trying very hard, I don’t want to give up. If there is anything I value is knowledge and I will do anything to acquire it. I am confused because I find it awkward that I am still marching on forward and leaving some bits undone. Has anyone ever experienced this? I really need encouragement in this journey, I cant afford to loose.

To make your post more readable I have removed the backticks, which should just be used for blocks of code, not for paragraphs of text

You are trying to learn something completely new.
There may be two things:

  • you just need more time and practice
  • the freecodecamp way is not the best way for you to learn (you can try with books, videocourses (Free Code Camp youtube channel has videos if you want))

In both cases, you just need to keep going, but alto do not try to overwhelm yourself, rest, have fun, relax…


Thank you my dear. I know implementing your advise will help me through. Thank you alot