Welcome All Newbies



Welcome to FreeCodeCamp if you’re new here.

In this forum we’re gonna talk about tips and tricks to help you along your Free Code Camp learning journey, we’ll help you out if you’re stuck, and give newbies a chance to network and team up for help and inspiration thorughout the curriculum.

About me

I started about a month or two ago, I code every night an hour or two after work.

I’m at the tail end of the Responsive Web Design course and feel like I’ve learned A LOT.

On top of the FCC curriculum I’ve been listening to podcasts & audiobooks while working to learn some of the lingo and core concepts.

As well as talking with moderators here in FCC which has helped me A LOT.

But the more I learn the more I see the mountain I have to climb.

One thing I see FOR SURE - after serching for so many podcasts, books, forums etc, is that there isn’t really content made for LEGIT newbies.

So let me know if you want a buddy. I’ve spent a lot of time in the last few months reading about HTML CSS and Javascript, how the web really works, various frameworks and routes to go as a software/web developer.

I’m devoted to doing the entire FreeCodeCamp curriculum and I’m very interested in linking up with people.

I hope this thread can be of great help and help get you where you want to go.

Let me know what you think.



I think it is a good idea to team up. I am also a newbie. Finished the responsive web design, and just started de JS. But, woking together should be better, even to consoloidate the HTML/CSS concetpts, and then go thru JS.

This is my thread here in the forum


welcome newbies, once you finish learning basics, I suggest goto https://www.frontendmentor.io/challenges and start building project.

They have a huge community in slack and there is channel for #colllaboration where you will find people with similar experiences.


Hey! Jonef, I totally agree.
This Vikramvi guy also posted something interesting about a slack channel with collaborative projects. Soudns quite interesting.
But probably best to check that out once were through some of the basic javascript stuff.

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BTW any newbie trying to get a grip on their journey should check out Jonef’s thread on this forum.

Very good diaglog for newbies getting their head around the path and what to focus on from the start. As well as concerns with age and changing careers.

Very good reaad.

Jonef’s forum thread


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If you have imessage or something similar maybe we can connect on there. I’m working on the second to last project on Responsive Web Design right now.

But would be cool to go through the JS stuff and help each other out.

Yeah. We can connect via Imessage or whatsapp. We may change phone numbers in the privat messaging system. It might be a good help, since we are almos in the same place of the path.

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I’m interested. How do we link up

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Sounds good.
I’ll message you.

Hey @Oreoluwasimi !
Welcome to Free Code Camp! :wave:
We can link up various ways, on the forum, IM, etc.
Where are you at in the curriculum?


I started my freecodecamp journey last week and I am also a newbie. I’ve learned that all google is our best friend. And yep! It would be better if we newbies can team up so we can help each other up and for connection purposes.


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I agree completely.

Google is helpful.

Also w3school.com is really good.
Anything you don’t understand is described in full detail with examples to give you complete understanding of any element, selector, etc.

Quick tip here for all newbies on FCC.
Sometimes when you get bugged on a lesson and you can’t seem to figure out WHY, but you know you’re not too too far off, try using a HTML or CSS validator.

FCC has one build in which is great and should help you resolve 80% of your problems. But if you want a more in-depth tool to find that one missing semi-colon before you ask for help in the forum - check out code validators.

You can google them there are quite a few and find one you like. I use the W3C validator it’s great.

The W3 HTLM Validator

The W3 CSS validator

Hope this can help!


Big shout out to @hbar1st .
Helped me debug my code BIG time and gave me some great advice on my Building a Technical Documention Page project.

If you ever get a chance - check out the leaderboard. She has some CRAZY impressive stats on helping people like 70+ solutions in a WEEK, thousands of posts read, hundreds of likes etc. etc.

She is the queen of helping out newbies and if you run accross her (which is inevitable) give her some props.


I’m at the end of the Responsive Web Design Course, and still having a bit of trouble with using CSS Grid and Flexbox .

Anyone got and good advice or tips on how to get your head around them?

I’m trying to style a Nav Bar on one of the Cert Projects and find myself adding like 5,000 styles to it.

Is that normal?

Try reading about fun ways to practice here


hmmmMMHHHH that looks exciting. Definately checking that out.

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Just finished Responsive Web Design course and got my first cert!!!:partying_face:

Felt like such an accomplishment.
I sent it to friends and family and they were super supportive.

My feedback is that I’ve gotten a good rooting in responsive web layouts, best practices, and many hours applying and drilling the basics of html and css. Most of all though I learned HOW TO LEARN code. What resources are available, how other people, forums, websites , etc can help you, what tools you have and what reference material to look at to achieve whatever you want to build.

I cannot think of a better way to get started in coding than doing this course and getting a solid 300(approx) hours of drilling on the fundamentals.

I encourage every newbie to persist and use the forum to help you get through it. It is DEFINITELY worth it.

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I am interested in it how do we start

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I send you direct message so we can link up.