Free code camp and my portfolio

Hello Forum. New to freecodecamp and so far I’m Having fun.

I was wondering, at some point does Freecodecamp help you build a portfolio on the projects you have worked on? Or at least give you tips?

Yeah, it’s actually the second project on the map.

Awesome. Thank you. Once i started i haven’t been able to stop. I really enjoy the course so far.

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You’re going to learn some cool things man!
Super great course.

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I’m a little worried that i might get stuck. Right now some of the terms are foreign to me.

It all comes with time.
I have only been learning to code for probably 2 months?
Maybe 2 and a half months.

And I still don’t know anything about anything haha.
So just keep at it and maybe pick up Jon ducketts books if you want some visuals that you can hold and read.

He goes in depth on HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and I think visually they are very easy to read and understand.

But again, it takes time. The more you do it, the easier it will come as you continue practicing.

It sounds so cliche but it really is true.
And there are millions of free resources out there if you are willing to look for them.

You’ll have lots of support from the community when (not “if” :wink:) you get stuck.
Happy coding.


Thank you. Back on it bright and early today. Determined to learn all i can. also offers some nice videos and interactive activities for those just starting out in coding with HTML and CSS. There is a lot of support here, but this is just one that has always worked well for me in the past.

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