Any advice only coding for a week now

Just finished my portfolio page. Only been coding for a week total now so any pointers to better my coding would help!
Thanks in advance.

Josh Brewer screen shot of portfolio

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Just keep coding everyday and find some motivation, as long as you practice, something will stay in your mind and by time it will be easier for you. You can also make coder friends so you will have someone to talk with about your projects, etc.

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I love this stuff thanks

Congratulations on finishing the portfolio page!

I noticed the links at the bottom of your page to linkedn and the others aren’t working.

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Thats one thing I couldn’t figure out… they work you just have to click the actual wording, the button function does nothing lol

I forked your portfolio page and edited the html, check it out.

You need to wrap the whole button with the anchor element, or <a></a>.

Nice gains btw :+1:

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Your question is far too broad for anyone to answer. A few things that might be relevant regarding freecodecamp is that freecodecamp is not a place to learn theory.
Depending on your patience and avaiable time, don’t rush the projects until you grasp the concepts behind it.

After you’re done with HTML, read about HTML somewhere else, study and understand it before moving on. Keep in mind that you do not have to remember syntax, only concepts. You don’t need to remember that mozilla’s prefix is -moz, but you need to understand the purpose behind it, syntax is always googleable and easily at hand, concepts aren’t.

Another advice i could give you is to use instead of freecodecamp, the beta curriculum is better from any point of view, specially for beginners, it gives you more time to practice HTML/CSS before moving on to javascript.

1. leave freecodecamp for practice, study theory outside of it
2. Study concepts, not syntax
3. Use FCC’s beta

Good luck.


This is so true!
I realized that syntax is nowhere as important if I don’t know the concept/theory behind, especially when I was doing my tribute project.

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True. But theory is hard to grok until you’ve understood the syntax! So around and around you go, ever increasing in understanding.

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thats sick man thanks!

Thanks Ill go check it out. I completely understand what you mean.