What FreeCodeCamp good at?

I’m new to FreeCodeCamp.
The HTML and CSS lesson seem shallow and I can’t imagine how beginner grasp those concept.
I know HTML,CSS and JS but I want to sharpen my sword with learning more about Front-end and Back-end and now I feel a bit drawn back because of the HTML/CSS lesson seem to shallow.
I could imagine that it would be hard if I know nothing about HTML/CSS/JS.

I see a lot of great stuff like recommend me to join Medium and other platform. I still want to find a positive side in this camp. Is it the real project that make FreeCodeCamp shine?

Wellcome to FreeCodeCamp.

If you already know some basics HTML/CSS/JS, then it’s normal you find this easy … at the begining.
The challenges become more complex when you advance. And more important, the most difficult part are the projects.

Well, if after all this you find this easy then try this excellent challenge on JS Javascript30 by Wes Bos, and take a look at others awesome posts on the forum like :


That’s it. I hope you found this useful.

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Hey @GTHell,

If you hang around, you’re bound to find the numerous positive aspects of FreeCodeCamp. Beyond the lessons, the ecosystem and general community here is by far the most supportive and helpful I’ve experience on the web. You have access to the forum, gitter chats, local meetups, etc., all filled with people who are ready to help.

Not every lesson will be the best, but I tend to think that there is no “one learning resource” to rule them all anyway. Everyone is going to inevitably jump around the web learning more to get a more nuanced understanding of whatever they’re learning regarding web-dev. FCC is an amazing homebase for that learning.

Welcome abord @GTHell! :slight_smile:

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