Is it worth to learn through freeCodeCamp?

I like JS a lot, at this moment it is only my hobby, in the future I would like to work as a programmer.

As a person who finished coding bootcamp I can 100% assure you that freeCodeCamp is the best resource to start by far

freecodecamp is an intensive course about web developing
if this is what you are interested in, then it may be worth it
if you are interested in other things you may find useful the many articles in the guide ( / #guide), there are many articles about programming in general, not only web development. there is also a developer news:

I would recommend trying it out for a while and see if it interests you. As ieahleen mentioned, there a ton of other courses you can check out here or on the freecodecamp youtube channel.

As you learn more, you’ll find other areas of programming or development that interest you. Maybe you enjoy web apps, building mobile apps, designing UIs, or conducting user research. It all depends on your interests. I wouldn’t force myself to study something if it wasn’t interesting me at the time. I like to work on what is exciting for me at the time.

I would say that you won’t learn much here unless you actually do the projects (frontend and fullstack), the quick lessons you’ll get here should be reinforced with other sources or you will feel like you don’t quite fully grasp what FCC is trying to teach you.

All the good FCC successful stories succeeded because they focused all their learning fuel in projects, projects make you get a feel of a real job and gives you the experience you need to get your foot in the door.