Front End Developer Study Plan

First of all, thanks for the motivation in my previous topic! It was so inspiring!

Well I have been researching a lot for the best learning materials (maybe not the best but the best I could find) and I’m planning doing the freeCodeCamp CV while reforcing with other learning source.

I found the following sources and paths:


What do you think? Should I stick just with freeCodeCamp? or maybe also taking someking of path and getting deep into each subject?

I ve been told to build things in order to study and get better, but to build things you have to know the basics! hehe

Thanks! And I hope this can help to someone who need help into their study plan! You can do this!


FCC is great for helping to develop those basic skills you need to give you a jump start on building projects…and they even provide you with projects to make every step of the way. Its also great about encouraging us to seek out other resources to help learn the material. As a matter of fact Quincy is always putting out a newsletter filled with dozens of new courses from all over the internet.

So, to answer the question of should you stick with FCC, nope…its a great guide to help you keep one on track…it answers questions like what should I learn next, and I need an idea for a project to build, but its not a one stop shop and wasnt designed to be that way. You’re on the right track when you said youd like to find resources to deep dive into each subject.

As far as specific resources, it really depends… it depends on the subject matter, an individuals learning style, the person trying to teach / explain it, the medium they use (be it video, live coding, blog, reading material, etc) When I was learning JS, it took FCC, CodeCademy, The You Dont Know JS book series, a course on Pluralsight, the Eloquent JS book and dozens of blog posts…I feel like Im forgetting a couple of other courses I took too. It seems like every new thing I learn, Im on a fresh new hunt for resources cause no one source explains everything the best way for me to understand it.


Find the language you want to dig deeper into and buy a book about the subject.

There are a lot of ressources that can help you become a great Front-End developper, but regardless of all of that, you should start with basic HTML, CSS and javascript. You can learn about it in a lot of different manners, but I would recommend pairing theoritical knoweldge (reading, watching videos, etc) with actual practice building websites or very simple app (like building a calculator).

Personally when I started, I went through the full course on Udemy the-web-developer-bootcamp from Colt Steele which I loved (I would share the link, but freecodecamp forums is preventing me). It pairs theory with actual examples (you can usually get it for 10-15$ when discounted, which is nearly always). I would start by that (either with the course I linked or any other ressource you feel is good for you) and try to make websites when you feel a bit more comfortable.

I cannot stress enough how I important it is to learn to try to make something work on your own and when you get stuck, then start figuring out why it doesn’t. This is a big part of programming and you will not learn as deeply if you just read about it or follow along in videos. You need both aspects to truly learn how.

Hope this helps and good luck!

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